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Pedal Corvallis Bikes

Pedal Corvallis is a local bikeshare program sponsored by the city of Corvallis and the OSU Corvallis campus and partnered with Zagster, a bike manufacturer. In the Fall of 2019 Zagster rolled out a new fleet of bikes and offered the opportunity to let us provide our own custom graphics to put on the skirt guards and OSU Transportation Services and the city both had me create them with free reign.

I developed five design concepts. One was simply an artistic adaptation of the Pedal logo for the bikes sponsored by the Corvallis city government. Oregon State University sponsored additional bikes which have more customized illustrations to represent the four research grants the university works with (Space, Sun, Land, and Sea). In a couple cases I made some references to the OSU campus itself by including things like an accurate depiction of the new research vessel being built for the sea grant along with an illustration of the yellow submarine outside of OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.

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